You know you’re an opera freak, when…

Yet another list that Anna and I started in an internet forum. The contributions we’ve chosen to bring here are, again, all made by the two of us, but we’d love to hear your contributions as well. Just press “add comment” and release your inner opera freak. You know you want to…

You know you’re an opera freak when:

– You change between having “Caro nome” and Fafner and Fasolt’s theme as your cell phone ring tone.

– You warm up before going out on weekend nights by listening to “Questa o quella” and “Finch’han dal vino”.

– You know exactly how many women Don Giovanni has seduced in Germany.

– You exclaim “Agameeeeeeeemnon!” or “Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen!” when you are feeling particularly bitter.

– You think “Don’t worry, no one noticed!” when a singer invents a word because he can’t remember the lyrics.

– You exclaim a plaintive “Perché?!” when you’re riding your bike through the snow and the sleet.

– You think “La povera mia cena fu interrotta” when looking at a Dutch still-life.

– You name your cat Rosina.

– You get really snappy if someone mentions The Phantom of the Opera when you tell them that you like opera music. Or any time someone mentions it, for that matter.

– You’re throwing a party and panic, because you realize that the most contemporary music in your collection is Benjamin Britten.

– You’ve got a very clear attitude to the question of how many times and at which points the tenor should sob during “E lucevan le stelle”.

– You feel disturbed by, but then also bizarrely attracted to men who offer you Spanish wine.


February 26, 2006. Lists, Opera.

One Comment

  1. Sieglinde replied:

    – You know exactly which moment will the assassin shot through the bars, and you still flinch when it happens. (It happened once that he was shooting in my general direction… and I sat very close to the stage :D)

    – I didn’t mention the title of the opera, but you know exactly what I was talking about.

    – You have a tendency to randomly burst out in “Hojotoho” when you feel filled with energy.

    – Every time you see a tree in flowers, you think of Tristan’s love scene.

    – When you see a rainbow, you try to walk to the Walhalla.

    – You are extremely worried for every baritone when it comes to “O gioia!” in “Urna fatale”.

    – You refer Forza as the “Opera-MustNot-Be-Named”

    – You are pissed off when something is cut from any opera. You cry “Damn you, Karajan!” when this happens, even if it’s not him.

    – When you see a knife on a dining table, you have strange thoughts…

    – You refer Calypso from Pirates of Caribbean as “that cheap Ulrica wannabe”.

    – While reading the forging scene of Brísingr, you heard Siegfried in your head. Actually… you have read that book because of THAT scene.

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