Marie and I have for some time now been collecting pictures of hammerhead people. That is – pictures of persons with an extreme width between their eyes thus reminding you of the shark Sphyrna zygaena or hammerhead.

The width should preferably be larger than the width of the eye.

Often being a hammerhead gives the person a certain cuteness and it is definitely better than too close-set eyes.

People with very large eyes are often confused with hammerheads, and even we sometimes think a person is a hammerhead while he/she actually just has large eyes. Below you can see our all-time top ten of hammerhead. There is no specific order – one hammerhead is as good as the other. Except perhaps for the first:

Jackie O. is probably the most hammerheadded person ever to have breathed. We salute you Jackie!


It was opera singer Ruggero Raimondi who first drew our attention to the phenomenon. In this picture he is explaining the art of being a hammerhead. Serious business.


Liza Minelli is a rare combination of hammerheaddedess and large eyedness.


Danish actress Lotte Andersen is Jackie Kennedy’s main rival. Wonderful.


Little Karle Warren has a bright future in the hammerhead society. May she prosper.


Also Kathleen Beller (best known for her performance as Kirby in the soap Dynasty) features a marvelous combination of large eyes and width between them. She also has a remarkable capacity of opening those eyes wide.


Hammerheads are everywhere, also in the political spheres. Here president of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso. You may think that this is a case of confusing eye-width with the width between them, but believe me – when you see him on the news there is no doubt.


One of my personal favourites. And not only because she is a hammerhead. Danish actress Bodil Kjer who some of you will remember from the film Babette’s Feast.


Joan Collins has been flashing those hammerhead eyes for many years. She has a sure seat in the pantheon of hammerheads.


You can be an animal and a hammerhead without actually being one. Sid here is a perfect example of that. We do not know his species but those eyes just want to be in different corners of the earth.



February 27, 2006. Hammersharks, Lists.


  1. joe replied:

    Better a hammerhead than a pinhead.

  2. Máirín Duffy replied:

    how about pocahontas?

  3. Zach replied:

    Dead and gone, but still warrants a shark team member is Jackie Gleason.

  4. Johnny B replied:

    What? no Uma Thurman? Do the research guys.. sheesh! 😉

  5. Oliverthesexylegobrick replied:


    my name is oliver. I often used to call people “hammerheads”, but never realised it was an actual medical official term. I am now going to write about it on wikipedia and tell all the doctors and teachers that I know. I am so happy that I have now found some fellow-minded hammerhead hunters.


  6. SpunkyHazelTheChunkyNeighbourhoodJunkyWithAMonkeyThatsABitFunkyWhoSmellsABitSkunkyAndLikesDairyleaDunkiesInYourPanties replied:

    I am a doctor, and I would just like to say… I have been researching this disorder for quite some time. It is actually caused by the “Triple X Syndrome”, which is where a woman has 3 X chromosones rather than 2. (Check Wikipedia about it).

    People suffering with the disorder have:
    *Eyes far apart… gradually moving further apart with age
    *Shrunken breasts, far apart
    *Rounded foreheads
    *A double layer of front teeth (commonly)
    *Thick eyebrows and other hairy regions

    Please contact me on this address for more info. I currently run a treatment for these people. It is impossible to remove their extra chromosones, but I can hide their ugliness. Surgery starts at around £10 000 for an all-body surgery solution.
    Lesser surgeries include a “pick n mix” solution to which parts of your body you would like us to correct.

    Dr Hazel the Gangsta!

  7. Dangi replied:

    That doctor is f* stupid! I doubt the people represented (hey they include men!) have triple-X-chromosomes! Hahaha! Also why would you undergo surgery for being cute! Hahaha! Check http://www.med.umich.edu/1libr/yourchild/xxxsyn.htm
    I doubt actors and actresses do have learning disabilities, poor speech development, bad bodily coordination! Hahaha!
    My advice: Only ask for doctors’ opinions to do the exact opposite later…

  8. Anonymous replied:

    how about kate moss?

  9. tom replied:

    since men are sooo underrepresented here, i thought i’d submit the following:

    Gino Vannelli - Storm At Sunup [CD 4533] - Cover

  10. Ezequiel replied:

    You must add to your list:
    Britney Spears
    Ricky Martin
    Cristian Castro

    good luck!

  11. CBD replied:

    Seems a common theme in the artwork of Charles Burns

  12. Indiana Jones and the Awesomeness of Marion Ravenwood « At the Lighthouse replied:

    […] gorgeous to boot: Not too skinny, kind of buxom actually, but still slender, and a bit of a hammerhead, which is always cute. Just look at […]

  13. deamaus replied:

    Britney Spears?

  14. Osvaldo replied:

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  15. Linda replied:

    Check out “Anki&Pytte” the actress there
    is a clear hammer head!

  16. www.anal4firsttime.org replied:

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