Grumpy old men I

One of my colleagues, 30 years my senior, and what you may call a grumpy old man (or middle-aged), is my co-fan of classical music. He has been fond of this genre since he was a teenager and has an enormous collection of lp’s. Until last week he didn’t own a cd player. But then he had met with a friends’ friends’ friend in a street behind the Royal Theatre where he had exchanged 100 kr (about 13 €) for a used cd player. It all sounded a bit black market, WW2, occupation, sort of transaction, but anyways – he got the gear. After having struggled for an hour he managed to hook up the player with his loudspeakers and I was kind of impressed it didn’t take him longer (he is the type sobbing when he can’t find the word document he just closed: “it’s gone for ever, I’ll have to start all over”). And then he called me (and another colleague too I later discovered) to share his triumph. “It’s amazing – how long will it go on? It’s been playing for ever now!” – remember this is a man used to turning lp’s every 20 minutes. I assured him it would go on for about an hour and he was astonished.
Then when I met him some days later he was still talking about it but now the grumpiness had gotten hold of him. And mind you – he is not any old grumbling, he is an intelligent one. Thus: “It’s typical of modern society to invent the cd player. You can actually just skip to the part of the piece you want to hear. Always making it so easy. Like this you will never be forced to listen to the whole piece, you just skip right to the place you want to hear. It’s outrageous. This is what it has come to, the world is in an absolute decay. No one wants to put some effort into their lives. Education is non-existant and culture is on it’s way out”. I was a bit silent after this, not really knowing what to say other than “I will lend you some of my cds”. It is a typical comment from this man, he is a master in the art of combining everyday issues with universal tendencies and political and social movements in a level where you are left with your mouth open. But hey, maybe his is right on some strange level. In a parallel world… or I mean.


March 11, 2006. Uncategorized.

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