Walküre again. And I want more

After Die Walküre Marie and I spent at least forty minutes discussing the performance standing with our bikes by the harbour in the (kind of) mild spring evening. That was after a five hour long opera.
It was a wonderful performance. I was very touched by Irene Theorin’s Brünnhilde. We were fortunate enough to find seats on 4th row for the 3rd act and from there we could see every tiny little expression on the singers’ faces. The last dialogue between Brünnhilde and her father Wotan was shockingly realistic. They had such a hard time both of them. Him loosing his second child that day and her loosing her beloved father and life as she knew it. She is so persistent in that scene. He is all NO and yet she goes on like a little mule asking him to let her be found by a worthy man and not just any redneck. And no he says, and she continues. There was even a point where I thought “Ok, that was a final no. She wont get it her way” even though I know this opera quite well. Now – that is art!
And we saw the ride of the valkyries from that wonderful 4th row. My oh my. I adore those eight girls with their large black wings. This night they were very much alike, I actually kept confusing one singer with the other.
Eva Johansson sang Sieglinde. I have only experienced her in Elektra, but this was certainly just as good. She is an amazing singer and joined a marvellously well-singing Stig Fogh Andersen in great acting.
Stephen Milling was absolutely frightening and awe inspiring as Hunding. Just see below…
Pie pie pie pie pie. And pie. And the orchestra was even better than the evening before. They seemed more relaxed.
Hojotoho indeed.


April 27, 2006. Opera, Reviews.

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