SO not in my safe place

Just stopping by to post this picture from the Ring (no, we’re still not over the Ring. And so what? There’s nothing pathological about our Ring-tendencies. Shut up.) that both Anna and I love:


It’s a picture Anna and I like to refer to as the “so-not-in-my-safe-place” picture, and one that I suspect I shall remember every time I’m feeling distraught in the future. I work for this charity organisation that made me take a shift of face-to-face contact with potential new members for the organisation last Friday, making me stand around in a very crowded street, begging people for money, and I identified very much with Brünnhilde as shown above in that situation, what with the so-not-in-my-safe-place sentiment and all. The picture shows Brünnhilde (Irene Theorin) as she finds herself at the mercy of Gunther and his polyester-clad kinsmen.

Aww, Brünnie. Hang in there, sweetie. And see if you can avoid associating with Hagen too much. Then everything may still turn out ok.



May 16, 2006. Opera.

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