Spring. Lenz. Primavera. Vår. FORÅR!!!

Even though it has been somewhat grey the last week I am still in a spring frenzy. Maybe it can be ascribed to the very rough winter we had this year that I have been ecstatic about all the green and all the flowers.
I have been walking a lot in my local park trying to merge my inner excitement with the miracle of everything turning green. Sometimes I almost succeeded in a kind of spiritual osmosis, often helped by listening to spring songs by Carl Nielsen on my iPod. My park is actually two parks. One is a romantic palace garden with a combination of orderly flower beds and large wild growing trees. The other part is more like a wood with occasional lawns betraying the wilderness and reminding the visitor that we are still in a park. Back in the orderly part I took this photograph. I love the combination of colours – so strange and yet so right. Look at those tulips!
Frederiksberg Have
My spring joy has also manifested it self in a need to perform Ronja Robber’s Daughter’s spring scream every time I have been outdoors. You know Astrid Lindgren’s little heroine screaming out of joy each spring. I tried to locate an audio file of that. Without any luck. Instead I was taken to a Swedish publisher’s web page where I found audio files of Astrid Lindgren herself reading her own books aloud. How amazing it must be to be a Swedish kid and having Ronja Robber’s Daughter or The Brothers Lionheart or Pippi Longstocking read to you by THE children’s author over them all. Marvellous. Here are some of the opening sentences of The Brothers Lionheart. And it just gave me a lump in my throat.
Life is beautiful.


May 20, 2006. Photos, The course of the year.

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  1. Back to Normal. Snow is here « The Confidential Attachées replied:

    […] Here are a couple of snow pictures. The first one is but for the snow identical to one I took last spring. You can see that here. […]

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