Birthday joy

Thank you for all your nice wishes and sentimentality, Marie! Love you too.
I had a wonderful day with my family and I got some really nice presents (ok, ok, I’m a child when it comes to presents…just love them). One of them was special. Not only did it come all the way from Italy it also includes the possibility of (as the kind and beloved donator put it) mixing bodily fluids with…well have a look for your self:
leccone papa 
And a close up:
Mr Ratzinger! On a lollypop! Waving happily as we lick him on his face! And on his hand! And on his body!
On the back it says “leccone papa” or “pope lollypop”. Isn’t that wonderful? And if I tell you that the word leccone is etymologically connected with the verb “to lick”: leccare. And add that the ending “-one” magnifies a word. Like a trombone is a big tromba… So I like to think of this as my “lick-the-pope-big-time-lollypop”. I am fascinated and very happy to be the owner of that. It just makes a birthday, if not life itself, so much more beautiful. Mille grazie, caro Francisco, m’hai fatta ridere massivamente. Come sai;-)


May 22, 2006. Photos.


  1. Amelia Snetting replied:

    i want a lollypope! how does one aquire such fortune, short of going to rome??

  2. confidentialattachees replied:

    Lollypope! That’s what it is!
    I wouldn’t know how to get one if you’re not going to Rome. I think it’s only in Rome you can find equal amounts of disrespect and interest in such a product. Maybe the Vatican has an internet store:-D
    I’m almost not kidding…

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