Ode to lakritsi

Marie and I have developed a love for Finnish liquorice: lakritsi.
The best word ever by the way. Finnish is wonderful!
It comes in two variants – sweet (what every one else than Scandinavians and Finns would call normal liquorice) and the salty version loved by all north of Germany and Danes in particular I am sure (since we take the no. 1 world prize in candy eating. Is that good?!).


We became so enthusiastic about this product that we decided to become the little stereotyped black person on the wrapping. We tried hard and I think we succeeded fairly well. I have the mouth and Marie has the happy face that used to characterise commercials before the world went to pieces. As such she is in accordance with the very old fashioned style of Fazer’s design. Nice!

love of lakritsi 

All that we need now is to eat enough liquorice to become black. That should be no problem as we are already quite black on the inside. And besides…we need some substitute now that the Ring is definitely over and the theatre has decided to burn the sets. We just KNOW that they do it to look like Brünnhilde. Poor men…it wont do the trick.


May 29, 2006. Odes, Photos.


  1. jenn replied:

    Ah Marie and Anna you both do a great impressions of the little stereotyped black person on the packet hee hee. I love soft liquorice and every now and then eat my favourite Australian brand of Darell Lea…yummy. It is fun to see what food products you have in Denmark. Oh by the way I enjoy your posts…loved the one about the pope lolly pop hee hee.


  2. confidentialattachees replied:

    Aww, Jenn, thanks so much for posting! That Australian liqourice looks nice!

    And yeah, the pope lollypop… I've come across many an odd kind of candy in my time, including winegum lips, marzipan choir boys (I am not kidding) and liquorice shoelace, but I have to say that a pope lollypop takes the prize! That's pretty bizarre :).



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