Deadly circus queen in new role

This woman is called Diana Benneweis. She is a former circus princess and a present circus queen in her own circus…Cirkus Benneweis. Some weeks ago she announced in her autobiography that she had killed her dad giving him an overdose of morphine during his last hours of painful and deadly disease. Her announcement gave life in Denmark to a fervent discussion about euthanasia or mercy killing.
Now Mrs Benneweis has never really been my cup of tea. And I don’t think you should kill your dad.
So why bring a photo of her here? Because I realised that she is…yes: A HAMMERHEAD!


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As I watch the match between Argentina and The Netherlands I am reminded of the weekend before last when I went to Amsterdam. On Sunday I felt very shrewd as I entered the Van Gogh Museum the moment the whistle sounded for the match between The Netherlands and Serbia-Montenegro to begin. It was 15.00 and I was all alone (except for the Japanese females who as me were pretty indifferent to football). As I said I was all alone and that in a place normally extreeeeeemely well visited. And I entered one of the best exhibitions I have ever seen:Rembrandt-Caravaggio. So many wonderful pieces and so much to wonder about. I had to draw on all my knowledge in my figuring out whether this coupling had some truth to it or not. I am still wondering and as such the exhibition was very fruitful and interesting. I felt really challenged as I wandered the rooms over and over. Great!

Besides, Amsterdam turned out to be an absolutely wonderful city. Sun, great atmosphere, people sailing the canals and having dinner on their cute house boats. It was amazing.
Here some photos:
The Rijksmuseum had this as their ‘Rembrandt 400th Anniversary’ logo. I love it! It catches the humorous spirit I believe Rembrandt possessed.

Staying in the football atmosphere: The Dutch have a most strange love of orange, the whole of Amsterdam was orange during my stay. These wigs are not a sick grocer’s idea of a window display. They.actually.wear.that.stuff.


child slave 
This is how you create a democracy full of perfect, responsible citizens ready to carry their part of the burden. And she didn’t even complain.


Marvelous design if you ask me. I crave that piece of furniture, and have even been thinking about making one myself (it wont happen…). And on top – a self-portrait caught unaware, very concentrated looking like I did when I was four trying to figure out how to put together the Lego :-).

Just for fun I also went to The Hague. Great little city containing a great little museum: The Mauritshuis. I got to see Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer and
The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Tulp by Rembrandt.
Goooood trip.


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