On Global Warming

So, we’ve been having a heatwave here in Denmark for weeks now – it’s crazy! And very uncharacteristic for Denmark. We usually have one short heatwave, and it always starts on the day when everyone has to get back to work or school anyway. Not this year, though! It’s July, it’s hot, and we’re all very happy.

Today is the hottest day of the year, and I am melting away here in my room. To celebrate this special day I give you this little reminder not to worry about global warming.

Take it away, Mr. President!



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L’Art pour l’Art – de la technique de la vente

Young woman: “I’d like a ‘Politiken’ umbrella, please.”

Saleswoman: “Do you mean an Art Umbrella?”

Young woman: “No, just a ‘Politiken’ umbrella, plea-”

Saleswoman: “Do you want an Art Umbrella?!!!”

Young woman: “Um. I just want an umbrella with ‘Politiken’ printed on it, please.”

Saleswoman: (angrily, putting the Art Umbrella on the counter) “This is the one! The Art Umbrella! 170, please!”

Young woman: “…I’d like the umbrella with ‘Politiken’ printed on it, please.”

Saleswoman: “…Oh. That’s 70 kroner.”

– Politiken Newspaper Store

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“God had, like, so much more groove during his early years.” “Totally.”

Minister: “…And after the sermon we will be singing the relatively new hymn about the institution and the blessing of the church; hymn number 331.”

Old man to his wife: “I like Grundtvig [19th century writer of hymns] better.”

Wife: “Yes.”

Both get up and leave the church instantly.

– Christian’s Church, Lyngby

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Hammershark alert!

Oh my God…. This is just- I don’t even know what to say. How has this man avoided the blessed society of hammersharks till now?? This almost goes beyond the realm of Hammersharkness! Seriously freaky stuff. Granted, his hammersharkness stems mostly from his obvious wall-eyedness, but still.


Move over, members of the Hammershark Society, and make room for Marty Feldman!

With special thanks to my friend Erik for bringing my attention to the phenomenon that is Feldman.


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Basic Instinct of a Hammershark

I’m hesitant about posting the picture of this particular hammershark. Not because I don’t believe she is a hammershark, but because she’s a hammershark in the exact same way Jacqueline Onassis was, so really Jeanne Tripplehorn adds nothing new to the Hammershark Society. (Why Jeanne Tripplehorn has never played the part of Jackie O is beyond me. Lord knows there have been enough opportunities.)

But here she is, nevertheless: Jeanne Tripplehorn, actress and hammershark. I recently saw Basic Instinct for the first time ever, and was fascinated with the distance between Ms. Tripplehorn’s eyes.


By the way, does anyone out there agree with me that the ending to Basic Instinct meant that Beth was, in fact, not the murderer? If so, please leave a comment. I feel very alone with this opinion.


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Never leaving!

Hee hee hee. Still here. Loved your post Marie! Lady Dedlock & co. were just marvellous and she deserves to win.
I’m just sticking a bit to civilisation (a.k.a. internet access) this weekend included. Today and yesterday I’m stand in for my mother who has gone to Paris. She is the curator of a wonderful exhibition for children communicating the Nordic children’s literature and the Norse mythology. Since her project is a two-person firm I am here to sell tickets and talk to people while she’s gone. The project is called The 7th Heaven (forget the TV-series – this is QUALITY). In the exhibition you can wash floor like Pippi Longstocking does with the brushes on her feet, experience Ragnarok – The End of the World in the Nordic mythology with the hero Balder’s death and the return of the light afterwards, you can take a stroll in the forest of the Moomins and have a look into Moomin Mother’s handbag (the magic bag where everything she’s ever gonna need is bound to be), there is a Storyteller Room and a globe where you can find important places such as West of the Sun, East of the Moon, the Snow Queen’s Castle and The Country of Many Mice (perhaps mostly interesting to visiting cats…).
I’m having fun!

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Ode to Lady Dedlock

So, Anna is going to be at the countryside and away from the internet for three weeks. And you all know what that means, don’t you? That’s right: I can post anything I like, even the most dorky entries, here at the blog for the next 21 days, and Anna has absolutely no say in the matter. Heh heh heh heh heh *evil snicker*…

So, I’ve decided that my first dorky entry in absentia Annæ should be a tribute to a favourite actress of mine; Gillian Anderson.

You see, the names of the nominees for this year’s Emmy Awards were published a couple of days, and I’d just like to take this time to say how thrilled I am that Gillian Anderson is nominated in the category “Best Lead Actress in a Miniseries” for her part as Lady Dedlock in the BBC-production of Dickens’ Bleak House. Gillian Anderson is a brilliant actress and terribly underrated and not used nearly as much as she ought to be, in my opinion. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve got a lead in a long-running and highly popular TV-series, as GA did on The X-Files, and you do as brilliant a job as she did on this show: People tend to have difficulties seperating the actor from the part, and thus the actor’s appearance in other parts will often be considered a distraction and a miscast. However, as GA proved in Bleak House she is more than capable of handling other parts than that of Agent Dana Scully, and I’m pleased to see that the Emmy commitee has not been blind to this fact.

And then I’m also just really pleased to see that the brilliance that was Bleak House has not gone by unnoticed! What a great series it was. Anna and I watched it together, and enjoyed it very much, to the point where we would be text-messaging each other messages reading: “Guuuuppy!” or “Eeeeeesther!”. fondly recalling our favourite characters and scenes in the series. Bleak House deserves at least one Emmy award, so that’s another reason why I’m rooting for Gilly. Who knows, maybe an award would encourage the BBC to continue their line of beautifully produced tv-series based on classics. For instance, oh, I don’t know, perhaps a new production of Jane Eyre? Hmm? *bats eyelashes at the BBC*

So, who are Gillian Anderson’s competition, you ask? Well… that’s the one problem. The other three nominees are Helen Mirren, Annette Benning, and Kathy Bates. And as everybody knows when you look up the word “award winner” in a dictionary, you will find these three names listed. So, yeah. Tough competition. But I remain optimistic! Gillian Anderson and Bleak House deserve this award. And Gillian has done it before: in 1997 she won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. So, rock on, Gilly! You can do it!


Lady Dedlock

Lady Dedlock, as we know her, staring out into eternity; bored with the weather, bored with her life, bored with herself. Well, Honoria, darling, for what it’s worth, the rest of us are anything but bored with your story. Thanks to BBC and Gillian Anderson.

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Summer happiness

I’m on my parents’ terrace enjoying the evening. I’m here all alone since one part of the family has gone to Paris (better cheer for France on Sunday then…) and the other part has gone to London. So I’m here to look after the cat and give him his insuline (no kidding!).
There are only lovely sounds to be heard: swallows, the cat drinking, the neighbours chatting in the distance and a soft wind rustling the leaves of the trees. It’s 22.15 and dusk has only just begun. There is a red tablecloth on the table and I’m having strawberries with milk and sugar. Today has been the hottest day this summer reaching 31,5 degrees Celsius and now it has dropped to pleasant 23 degrees. The city has been quieter for some days now, you can feel that people are on vacation and on the job we are only a few people left. It’s all very nice and yet I look so much forward to next week. My first week of vacation. Out of three. Yay!
I will keep my ears open for any “Overheard in the Danish Countryside”-stuff!

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The Mystery of the Mummies Solved: They Were Ancient Egyptian Plaster-Addicts

Sixty-something woman to friend: “Yes, but you know, one has heard about that, too, about them becoming addicted to plaster subsequently…”  

– Oslo Plads, Copenhagen Overheard by


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Overheard in Copenhagen

Guy on cell: “Now listen to me, listen to me, calm down! Will you calm down and listen to me? I realize that you are a crazy hypocondriac, but to be saying that you’ve got multiresistant tuberculosis…!”

– University of Copenhagen

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