Summer happiness

I’m on my parents’ terrace enjoying the evening. I’m here all alone since one part of the family has gone to Paris (better cheer for France on Sunday then…) and the other part has gone to London. So I’m here to look after the cat and give him his insuline (no kidding!).
There are only lovely sounds to be heard: swallows, the cat drinking, the neighbours chatting in the distance and a soft wind rustling the leaves of the trees. It’s 22.15 and dusk has only just begun. There is a red tablecloth on the table and I’m having strawberries with milk and sugar. Today has been the hottest day this summer reaching 31,5 degrees Celsius and now it has dropped to pleasant 23 degrees. The city has been quieter for some days now, you can feel that people are on vacation and on the job we are only a few people left. It’s all very nice and yet I look so much forward to next week. My first week of vacation. Out of three. Yay!
I will keep my ears open for any “Overheard in the Danish Countryside”-stuff!


July 6, 2006. The course of the year.

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