Never leaving!

Hee hee hee. Still here. Loved your post Marie! Lady Dedlock & co. were just marvellous and she deserves to win.
I’m just sticking a bit to civilisation (a.k.a. internet access) this weekend included. Today and yesterday I’m stand in for my mother who has gone to Paris. She is the curator of a wonderful exhibition for children communicating the Nordic children’s literature and the Norse mythology. Since her project is a two-person firm I am here to sell tickets and talk to people while she’s gone. The project is called The 7th Heaven (forget the TV-series – this is QUALITY). In the exhibition you can wash floor like Pippi Longstocking does with the brushes on her feet, experience Ragnarok – The End of the World in the Nordic mythology with the hero Balder’s death and the return of the light afterwards, you can take a stroll in the forest of the Moomins and have a look into Moomin Mother’s handbag (the magic bag where everything she’s ever gonna need is bound to be), there is a Storyteller Room and a globe where you can find important places such as West of the Sun, East of the Moon, the Snow Queen’s Castle and The Country of Many Mice (perhaps mostly interesting to visiting cats…).
I’m having fun!


July 9, 2006. Literature.

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