Basic Instinct of a Hammershark

I’m hesitant about posting the picture of this particular hammershark. Not because I don’t believe she is a hammershark, but because she’s a hammershark in the exact same way Jacqueline Onassis was, so really Jeanne Tripplehorn adds nothing new to the Hammershark Society. (Why Jeanne Tripplehorn has never played the part of Jackie O is beyond me. Lord knows there have been enough opportunities.)

But here she is, nevertheless: Jeanne Tripplehorn, actress and hammershark. I recently saw Basic Instinct for the first time ever, and was fascinated with the distance between Ms. Tripplehorn’s eyes.


By the way, does anyone out there agree with me that the ending to Basic Instinct meant that Beth was, in fact, not the murderer? If so, please leave a comment. I feel very alone with this opinion.



July 15, 2006. Hammersharks.

One Comment

  1. Anonymous replied:

    Catherine did it. The icepick under her bed in the last scene of the director’s cut proves it. She set Beth up.

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