Quiz and Hatred

Inspired by Marie I went to Quizilla to see if I could find some interesting quiz about opera. But no…all I got was dozens of “Which character in Phantom of the Opera are you?”. And as we all know Phantom of the Opera (and musicals in general) has NOTHING to do with opera. Grrr! Just to prove my point (which is that an opera lover should know nothing about Phantom of the Opera) I took one of the quizzes: The “Are you a true Phantom of the Opera fan?”-quiz. I am happy to announce that I got this result:

“Okay, people rarely get this message from me… but:
…I think you know absolutely positively nothing. You don’t know the true story of what it truly is and you only saw the movie, which was awesome, but your a poser of a fanatic. I despise you. please rate

0 other people got this result!
This quiz has been taken 113 times.
0% of people had this result.”

I’m intrigued by the“please rate” at the end of the frase, and of course also by the “poser of a fanatic”. I have actually never posed to be a fanatic. Least of all of that kind of rubbish.
I must admit that I saw the movie. I did! *sobs*. And I hated it. I had hoped for some dark interesting hero and all I got was the thinnest story I have ever heard. Get a grip of your selves all you Phantom freaks!
End of rant.



August 14, 2006. Opera, Quizzes and polls, Rants.

One Comment

  1. confidentialattachees replied:

    Heh! Yeah, you tell ’em, Anna! And “poser of a fanatic”? Sju jætter? I’m so glad to see that the person who made the phantom-quiz seems to have spent her time getting to know this ghastly musical instead of learning things like, say, learning how to write proper English and get her punctuation right, and such. What a wise choice.

    Anna, I went through the same thing, searching desperately for opera quizzes and finding only “Phantom” ones, then throwing up a little in my mouth.
    However, what I did then was that I ran a search on the word “Tosca”, and that gave quite a few opera-related results! Thus I now know that were I an aria I would be the Jewel Aria from Gounod’s Faust, if I were an operatic heroine I would be Floria Tosca, and based on my knowledge of operas I qualify as an “Opera Freak”. That’s nice to know.


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