The hammerheads strike again

I just got back from work an hour ago and am exhausted, so I’ve crawled into my bed and am reading some fanfiction (I know, I know. But that’s what not having a TV will do to you.) I was just reading this really, really angst-y fic and was really getting into it, when this sentence met my eye, and I just couldn’t help but snickering: “…her beautiful voice crying out, resounding in his already hammering head..“.

‘Hammering head!’ Hee! Needless to say, the angsty atmosphere left me completely and was replaced by a mental image of a face with an increasing amount of width between its eyes. Damn those hammerheads and their omnipresence. They’re ruining my corny reading experience!



August 16, 2006. Hammersharks.

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