Feminism and The Big White Man

Even though I haven’t been doing any gender studies or the like I would characterise myself as a feminist. And as such I am in grave need of role models who are not from my mother’s generation. Ever since I received the book De røde sko. Feminisme nu (The Red Shoes. Feminism Now)
De røde sko
as a gift from a friend a couple of years ago I have been a fan of this woman:
Leonora Christina Skov
Leonora Christina Skov who was the editor of said marvellous book.
I was reminded of my fandom this weekend when she appeared in a newspaper column entitled “Big White Men”. She is a regular writer in the newspaper Weekendavisen and since I renewed my subscription of this organ I have been reading all her columns with ill-concealed satisfaction.
Not only is Ms Skov a modern feminist with great ideas about gender she also is a fabulous writer with enough well tempered venom to kill a room full of bawling broad shouldered misogynists and not only – but also those who keep saying that feminism is a dead cause since we have accomplished all equality goals. The column was an answer to a reader criticising her appearance in the Danish news programme Deadline where she apparently had ranted about Big White Men (who she defines as self-asserting, self-important individuals who make their voices heard without any self-irony). The reader characterised Ms Skov as a man-hater and basically told her to shut the f… up.
Here is a wonderful excerpt of Ms Skov’s answer:

“(… )you can hardly doubt that I personify the no. 1 nightmare of the Danish Realm: the young, foaming femi-fury with a female symbol up my sleeve and vendetta-like madness in my eyes.
Week after week you see me assume a ninja pose and slash all publications written by white males in this country, and the more the gentle readers and the honourable editor of
Weekendavisen try to stop me the more strained will my man-rancour be.”

I know my translation does little honour to the original but anyhow I think it’s a brilliant text. And when she then moves on to talk more generally about how despised feminism and feminists are and how it affects our understanding of the public debate I feel both entertained and enlightened.

I will not bore you any further. I just wanted to proclaim:
I am a fan of Leonora Christina Skov!


You can read more on The Red Shoes here (in danish).


August 21, 2006. Fandom, Literature, Reviews.

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