Meet Rosina Knasegaard:
Rosina is the reason I’m not out drinking cocktails with Marie as I ought to tonight. She is the reason I have been bothering this blog with three posts this evening. Rosina is named after the main character of the opera The Barber of Seville by Rossini, since she has as much cunning, spark and humour as any mezzosoprano Rosina:
Rosina obviously is a cat…my cat. She has been home alone a lot lately and she will be alone in the weekend since I’m going to celebrate my aunt’s 40th birthday in this marvellous place:
Which is nice of course – especially when you don’t get seasick on your way there and especially when you have arrived safely and succeed in focusing on the wonderful sea- and landscapes and forget that it will be 3 hours in the car and on the ferry (seasick) before you are home in comfy Copenhagen again. Anyhow – Rosina will be spending some time on her own this weekend so I thought I should stay home in her company tonight so that she doesn’t give up on me completely.

Paper bags are Rosina’s favourite toy, so we’ve been doing some jumping into/out of the paper bag tonight and of course the standard repertoire of me throwing balls for her to catch and me rolling her over on the floor. When I thought she was done I began washing the dishes while listening to this woman, Carola, on the radio.
My excuse is that the radio in my kitchen only plays one channel – a local one that has decided that playing old pop is going to be their purpose in life. Tonight I learned that Carola, the Swedish pop star par excellence, was turning 40 (just like my aunt – wow!) and because of this they had dedicated the entire evening to her. When we heard this Rosina decided to jump from the table behind me onto my shoulder. And that is about 4,5 kilos of cat with claws and all. Into my flesh, that is. Maybe she didn’t like Carola either…Still I have to give you this link. Check out her little funny dance about 1.40 into the clip. I hardly have to mention I finished off the dishes quickly.

Now Rosina has gone to sleep on the secretary which is the highest point of the living room. And that is my final excuse for writing all this. To close in style: Rosina hitting on the lollypope!


September 8, 2006. Music, Photos.

One Comment

  1. Francisco replied:

    Com’è cresciuta Rosina, e come gli sta bene… rodere il Papa! Un bacio

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