Viola and Giotto

Translating my old review of Tristan & Isolde made me remember a paper I wrote for an exam last year. It discusses possible connections between Bill Viola and the medieval Italian artist Giotto and how Viola’s view on Giotto’s Arena Chapel as a piece of installation art can lead to an entirely new perspective. May seem a far fetched coupling and it actually only came to my mind because I had to write about art from before the year 1400. Not really my field, so I mixed Giotto with Viola to make the medicine go down. And when for example you look at this image it may not seem so very strange after all:
Giotto House Viola

Now, since my professor was Romanian I wrote it in English. And that made me think: hey – why not publish it? So here you are. Beware it is about 30 pages and I am sadly enough not able to include the images. You’ll just have to look up The Arena Chapel and Going Forth by Day yourself. But maybe it could be of use to someone out there.
The Arena Chapel & Going Forth by Day
This piece of work belongs to me of course, so please only use it for reading. If you would like to use it for other purposes please contact me or refer to me.


September 8, 2006. Art.


  1. The Arena Chapel. Now in Copenhagen! « The Confidential Attachées replied:

    […] A couple of days ago I went to Danmarks Kunstbibliotek (the main library of art in Denmark, and the largest of its kind in Scandinavia) to return some books. And behold! They had an exhibition on Giotto’s Arena Chapel which included a giant model of the chapel. And it is beautiful! And you can walk inside it! The size is 1:3 which made me realise how small the chapel must be (sadly I have never been there). I didn’t have time to read all the texts (there were way to many in my opinion), so I’ll have to return. Such a great idea, and so well done. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t have such a model when I wrote my paper on the chapel. The paper was very much about the limits of space in the chapel, so to be able to walk inside it would have been wonderful. […]

  2. Basilica St. Francis Of Assisi replied:

    Giotto was the teacher of many painters of the Renaissance, that makes it big
    A hug

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