Ode to Reese Witherspoon

This is somewhat strange. Something has happened. I…I actually like country music it turns out. Or let’s keep it down a little: I like Johnny Cash. Ever since Marie wrote that post about how she imagines Siegfried singing Ring of Fire as an intermezzo before awakening Brünnhilde he has been haunting me. I have been listening to Ring of Fire a 1000 times and every time I smile and see Siegfried getting his old guitar.

Tonight I watched Walk the Line which is a marvellous film and of course that just spurred my interest. It is like the Three Tenors of country music. You know a lot of people began listening to opera because of the Three Tenors and now I am listening to Johnny Cash because of Walk the Line.
Besides from the great music the film is mainly wonderful because of Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon playing Johnny Cash and June Carter (the love of his life). I think I have only seen Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator where he’s a lethal crybaby (which he does remarkably well), but his portrayal of Cash was heart wringing and I am amazed that he sings so well. And of course he was totally hot too.

But now for a regular ode. Reese Witherspoon is the best! I first noticed her in Pleasantville from 1998 but not until Vanity Fair from 2004 did I truly realise my love for this actress. When I one afternoon kept talking about the wonderful Becky Sharp played by Witherspoon a friend of mine said something I thought I should never have heard come from her lips: “But she was great in Legally Blonde too”. Legally f*** Blonde?! I had forgotten, or maybe even suppressed Legally Blonde that I once watched on my way home from New York one autumn some years ago. Terrible movie – but there she was again, and she was quite delicious and cute and GOOD!

As June Carter she has all the spunk, humour and seriousness you would want from an actress portraying a country singer rescuing another human being from complete self destruction. And topping that with a marvellous voice just made me adore her even more. I want to be her! Look at her – and love her:

And one from Vanity Fair (don’t mind the troll next to her – he’s just another one of Becky Sharp’s tricks):
Becky Sharp



September 20, 2006. Fandom, Films, Music, Odes.


  1. Anna Engberg-Pedersen replied:

    A-B-Ode to Anna

    A: amiable, amble, (non) angular, accommodating
    B: bountiful
    C: cultural, Cash-fan, cunning, Camper-girl, core-seeking
    D: with depth, decisive, distinct
    E: easy-going, ethically grounded, extreme
    F: fan-ish, flippant (virtually)
    G: gladiator (under cover), generous (of mind), girlish (in private and virtual spaces), gleeful
    H: hospitable, humorous
    I: inquisitive, insistent, interior/exterior, immersive, imaginative, intimate
    J: jolly, jaunty (word-wise)
    K: kamikaze-girl (often hidden)
    L: liquorice-lover
    M: moon-faced, modest, mysterious
    N: no-nonsense-girl, nerdy
    O: open, operative, opera-fanatic
    P: persistent, pallid, potential, physical, pie-loving, precise, penetrating
    Q: quizzical
    R: reflective, romantic
    S: steady, self-reflexive, secretive, seeking, site-specific, steadfast, with special speed
    T: tolerant
    U: unblinking
    V: very Anna
    W: wild (see under K), whimsical
    X: xeno-file, wholehearted
    Y: yielding
    Z: zealous, zesty

  2. play music replied:

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