Every evening, Jane

Sunday BBC broadcast the first episode of their new Jane Eyre adaptation. Marie and I have been wringing our hands and really trying to accept that we wouldn’t get to see it before February when the show is set to appear in dvd. But then came the internet. Woohoo – and there it was already Monday thanks to some merciful soul in the UK who put it out there. I have watched it and I am now waiting, in anguish, to hear Marie’s feelings about it.
It is not a very close adaptation. In a Brontë blog some one characterised is as a sort of fan fiction adaptation and I think that about covers it. The script takes almost nothing from the book in terms of lines and there are a lot of scenes that are somewhat close to the book, but then with a lot of twists. Rochester very quickly turns out to be a nice almost sweet man, and Jane is smiling all over her face a lot of the time. So it’s no wonder they fall in love. They spend a lot of time on their own and Rochester even flirts a good deal.
I’m looking forward to the next episode which will perhaps determine my opinion. Right now I am loving it with a lot of petty little reservations. Just to be on the safe side 😉
Jane and Rochester
BBC made a theme page about the show, here and here is a nice blog devoted to the Brontës.


September 26, 2006. Literature, Reviews, Television.

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