New Old Member of the International Hammerhead Association

Even in the 18th Century there were hammerheads. Here is the proof:
Jens Juel

This is a self portrait by Danish artist Jens Juel (1745-1802): Self portrait by artificial light, c. 1764. A sight for sore eyes I would say – and especially for a hammerhead lover such as myself.
I happened to pass the painting when I was strolling around the rooms of the Danish National Gallery, Statens Museum for Kunst, last night. There was a grand opening since the museum has undergone a refurbishment over a couple of years, and now, finally, we are back in business. All rooms have been rearranged and the permanent collection is presented in quite new ways i.e. mixing old and new. Most of it works very well and I am just so content to have the museum back in one piece.
And the party was wonderful. Such good atmosphere – people were very happy and Marie and I had a lot of free champagne (I have been suffering from it today). There was music in many of the rooms and I met a lot of friends and some of my family came. Such fun.
And by the way…Jens Juel did turn much more handsome. Look at him ten years later:
Or maybe he just became a more experienced painter.


October 5, 2006. Art, Hammersharks.

One Comment

  1. confidentialattachees replied:

    There is something scientifically interesting about the discovery of this ancient hammerhead. It proves that the hammerheads are not the result of any recent evolution… Most interesting!

    And yes, that was a great party last night! Although I, too, have suffered from the amount of champagne we managed to consume. And there was that one surreal moment during the evening when I bumped into my doctor of all people. I don’t know, there’s just something slightly awkward about finding yourself in front of a Dutch still-life with a man who’s seen you burst into a fit of nervous laughter after having had a blood test run on you because you’ve got a phobia that makes you fear bruises. Or whom you’ve consulted about brands of birth control pills.

    But a great party! And truly festive, unlike the Danish Classical Music Awards. And I’m so glad the whole building is now open again – what a splendid building it is.


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