“The horse, he kept runnin'”

Recently I was roaming youtube, searching for a video for Johnny Cash’s cover version of Sting’s “I hung my head”, wanting to listen to the song. I didn’t find any original video for the song, but instead I found something that really restored my faith in the Teenager d’Aujord’Hui, namely this:

This melted my heart, which is otherwise as hard and tough as an indiarubber ball. The video is just adorable! In a world where Paris Hilton releases records and Britney “pro-life/anti-baby seat” Spears is idolized, these three lovely teenage girls have decided to make a reenactment of a Johnny Cash song. I really love that, as well as the sense of humour and sincerity the girls display in the video. Too cute.

 Yeah, I realize that I sound like that annoying old aunt we all had who would pat our heads at family-get-togethers, going “What a nice young girl you are, nothing like all those bullies who hang around in the streets”, but I don’t care. These girls are adorable. *pats their heads*

My favourite part? The bicycle getting up and rolling on by itself at the lyrics “The horse, he kept running”. Pure genius! Although the sheriff’s inquiring gesture at “The sheriff he asked me/why had I run” and the widow’s martyr-tear come pretty close.



November 17, 2006. Internet Findings, Music, YouTube.

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