Staged Photo #2 – Tosca, finalmente mia!

Here is another staged photo already! Again we are trying to capture the essence of the opera Tosca.

Staged photo - Scarpia and Tosca 

The roles are reversed here; Marie has left the menacing air that surrounded her in the previous staged photo in favour of a more delicate, feminine expression: She is in this photo portraying a frightened Tosca, complete with wide eyes and a mouth opened to utter a desperate “Aiuto!”, helplessly caught in the arms of brutal Scarpia, portrayed by the shrewd-looking gentleman in the picture, who is peering ominously over the rims of his glasses.  “Mia!”, he’s saying.

Photographer Anna has taken care to depict the murky atmosphere of the scene by making sure that the lighting in the picture was appropriately dim.


November 19, 2006. Opera, Photos, Staged photos, Travels.

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  1. Marie Ekberg « The Confidential Attachées replied:

    […] Marie and I were in Rome a year and a half ago. You have already seen some of our staged photos from that trip. But you haven’t seen my personal favourite: Marie posing as Anita Ekberg in […]

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