“Don’t take your ones to town”

For a more extensive post on Mario Perniola and The Sex Appeal of the Inorganic, see this post .

I’ve got a presentation on Mario Perniola’s The Sex Appeal of the Inorganic in two days, which is very difficult stuff, and I’m a little stressed out about it, to tell you the truth. So what am I doing online, you ask? Well, I’m trying to lift my spirit by reminding myself of the value of a good education! And I’m doing this by repeatedly watching this absolutely awesome clip I found on youtube – a wonderful Sesame Street spoof on the song “Don’t take your guns to town” – here it is :

As Big Bird and Johnny Cash teach us in this little video, only tragic things come from strutting about in town, trying to show off accomplishments that you don’t really have. And what an important lesson that is. Personally, I’m going straight over to my desk right now to re-read those chapters in Perniola’s book I didn’t quite get after reading them just one time. There’s no way I’m going to take my ones to town and get laughed at by my fellow students on Friday.



November 29, 2006. Internet Findings, Music, Television, YouTube.

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