More Library Adventures

Today when parking my bike in front of the Royal Library I noticed Marie’s bike already standing there. Of course I couldn’t be sure that it was her bike, but it looked a lot like it and Marie has been known to frequent the Royal Library… So I went to the reading room I thought was most likely to be her choice. No Marie, but plenty of French dictionaries for correcting my French exercises. Then I went to the other reading room – the one I like. No Marie there either. So I concluded the bike must have belonged to someone else. After having studied for some hours I went to the café to have some coffee and check my e-mail. The inbox contained a message from Marie beginning with the words: “I am at The Diamond (nickname for the Royal Library) working my brains out.”
The message was sent around the time I had entered the building.
After the coffee I went to the rest room and as I entered the cubicle my eyes fell on a cd-case left on a shelf above the toilet. It was a recording of Don Giovanni conducted by Daniel Harding and with Peter Mattei as the main character. There was no doubt in my mind: Marie had left it there like a small trail. She is the only one I know who owns this recording and who else would bring a recording of Don Giovanni to the Royal Library and forget it in the rest room?
So I put it on top of my little private mountain of books and laptop and left the cubicle. Only to spot Marie’s bag peeping out from behind a wall. And it was hanging from the shoulder of – Marie!
She was waiting for the someone in the cubicle to leave so that she could search for her Don Giovanni!
Sju jætter? How weird was all that?!
Don Giovanni Harding


November 30, 2006. In the library.

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