Concerto Copenhagen Christmas

My favourite local orchestra Concerto Copenhagen, CoCo, are doing a Christmas advent calendar! Yay! Watch and listen here. It opened today with an very awkward introduction by the conductor Lars Ulrik Mortensen (in the middle) and two employees. I really love these guys and their work but this is toe-curling. It might be ok if you don’t understand Danish/Swedish… and for the rest of us: just fast forward to the the wonderful ouverture by Jean-Marie Leclaire performed at CoCo’s Christmas concert in the nice Garrison Church back in 2004.
I’m looking forward to the rest of the advent calendar, hoping it will bring lots of music and less awkwardness 😉
And while we’re at it. If you go here, press “CoCo Lige nu” and then “Nytårskoncert” and then “Forrige” at the bottom and then “Hør fra koncerten i Garnisons kirke…” you will find a hilarious and beautiful renaissance piece done by the normally baroque (you know which kind of baroque I mean!) orchestra. Sorry about the long directions but I can’t link directly – and believe me, it’s worthwhile.


December 1, 2006. Music.

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