The name is Craig, Daniel Craig

Well, actually I thought it was quite entertaining, Casino Royale. I generally like James Bond films. You know: for-what-they-are-etc-etc-etc-blah-blah-blah-and-all-that-a-well-educated-female-should-say-when-discussing-mainstream-action-movies.
And of course the new volume in the Bond series had a special Danish side to it with no less than two Danish baddies – the blood crying über-baddie Le Chiffre a.k.a. Mads Mikkelsen and the-behind-it-all-baddie Mr White (doesn’t that have a certain Paul Auster ring to it?) a.k.a. Jesper Christensen.

Chiffre and White
You see? He is behind it all…

Jesper Christensen is, by the way, one of my absolute favourite actors. He made my childhood happier as Nana’s dad in the wonderful tv series Nana, and he has in recent years made a lasting impression in several born classics in Danish film (most notably as Kaj in Bænken, The Bench from 2000).

But back to Bond – or let’s just admit it: Daniel Craig. And this is actually by public demand. I got these adjectives from a friend I would never have suspected of hiding a Bond-fan in her heart: “A splendid combination of boyishness, (slightly anarchistic) drive, politeness and über-masculinity (whatever that is). He was a real cutie! (too brawny, I must add though).”

So is he too brawny?


But besides from that I must join the fan club. I think Daniel Craig was a real cutie too. Blue eyes and all. And I liked the idea of him learning to be Bond – you know all the small things that makes him the extravagant feinschmecker he is: The tailored suits, the shaken, not stirred, etc. He had all the rest from the beginning: the rogueisness, the toughness, the humour. And what nice blue eyes;-)

My friend also wants to know what else he has done, this Craig fellow. I remember his face from Elizabeth where he played the ruthless killer-monk John Ballard. He also played Francis Bacon’s lover George Dyer in Love is the Devil. Quite impressive in that role too. Marvelous and discomforting film by the way. I have heard he did well in Sylvia (as Sylvia Plath’s husband Ted Hughes). That’s what I know about him. IMDB tells me he is going to play the mysterious and cold Lord Asriel in The Golden Compass that is being filmed now. Looking very much forward to that. The Golden Compass and the whole trilogy of His Dark Materials (by Philip Pullman) is wonderful and when reading children’s books a subtle and much more complex alternative to Harry Potter. My warmest recommendations. I noticed Nicole Kidman is going to play the even more mysterious and even colder Marisa Coulter – I think it will be very good. Oh, and the Bond Babe Eva Green is in it too. Pie!

My friend also wants photos! Like this perhaps?


The intellectual version – is that what my bookish friend is dreaming about? I like that. Too.
But I think perhaps she is referring to this kind of photos:

And I agree. I am not one to turn down a nice suit and a couple of…blue eyes, either.



December 4, 2006. Films, Reviews.


  1. Nicole replied:

    Just wanted to mention, he also played in Tomb raider, where you get to see him come out of the shower >_>

    I love Daniel Craig, he was a good choice as Bond. He’s a breathe of fresh air for the Bond series. I don’t care what others say about him. Craig made an excellent Bond. I even went to see the movie twice 🙂

  2. Janet replied:

    Happy Birthday, Daniel!!!!!

  3. Eunice Atwell replied:

    I’ve seen every Daniel Craig film that is available to us here in the U.S.A.–He is an actor who can carry a character like James Bond just as well as XXXX-Layer Cake; Perry Smith-Infamous; John McHale-Obsession; Ted Hughes-Sylvia–to name just a few of his winners–there are many more and I fervently hope, many more to come than just a few 007s–Daniel Graig is too good to be typecast and that had better not happen–there is certainly a lot more to the flicks than James Bond as a 007 and I want to see a sensational Daniel Craig in movies until he’s 90 or better and even then, EVEN THEN, he’ll be sensational.

  4. leonie replied:

    Ive seen Daniel in a fare few movies even ones in england,there is a book about him from the words of another person telling his story from the time of how his parents met and whilst growing up,ive seen many pictures of Daniel,some of them are him just barely smiling others with a serous look on his face,alot of people have commented on his lengthy roles in movies television shows and on stage acting,women seem more interested in his eyes how blue they are or how he has a great body,but when i look into his eyes i wonder if he is happy,weather or not he shows it people dont seem to notice, they only notice his an actor and well a guy that all women want, but to me i see more and ask my self his just a normal guy who has aquired a skill wich of course is acting.He has used this skill to help him live and servive like any body else, his a normal human being with talent and great skill and i think most fans take famous people out of hand there no different to us bar one thing, we have our privacy we dont have magazene`s gossiping about us and we dont have fans going nuts about us, I dont know if he read his fan mail or checks up on fan mail but if he did i would have only a few things to him, well done Daniel youve have accomplished things in life and i hope your skills of acting take you far, and hope you are not one to be under the lime light or part of peoples gossip and you grow strong and live as normal as any one else and that people can see you as a person not some one famous,good luck in the future Daniel and i wish you well happiness and the best in the future well done bravo (standing ovashion)

    Leonie (South Australia)

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