Rumourmongering Royale Deluxe

Woman at dinner party: What I find most interesting about our Prime Minister is the double life he’s leading.

Other guests: What?! What double life? Tell, tell!

Woman: Well, you know he has his wife parked in the northern suburbs and then he has this flat in the city with his boyfriend. He spends most of his time there.

Other guests: No! *laughing*

Guest #1: Must be kind of tough for his wife. I met her last month…maybe I should have asked: Anne Mette…how are you? Is it tough? Can you make ends meet with two households?

Guest #2: But isn’t it just an old tale? Like with the Prince Consort.

Woman: Well, that is a known fact. I wonder whether the Queen is a homosexual too – hmmm there were rumours about this actress…or maybe she just sublimates all that in her ‘artistic’ production.

Guest #3: Oh, but I thought it was their son, prince Joakim who was gay…

Woman: Oh, no… Or well… He’s more into small boys actually.

Other guests: No, no stop!!! Where do you get these stories?!

Dinner Party, Copenhagen

Overheard by


December 14, 2006. Overheard.


  1. confidentialattachees replied:

    And here I was thinking that the prime minister was just into wearing women’s clothings and roam the Copenhagen parks at night! That’s the rumour I’ve always heard.
    And that would be cheaper on his wife, too. She could just borrow him the clothes, no second household to take care of…

    Oh, well, live and learn! Sounds like an interesting party! 😀


  2. confidentialattachees replied:

    Well, with her taste in clothing I don’t think many transvestites would share wardrobe with her…

    And besides – she did marry that guy. Talking of bad taste.
    Oh, shush now!

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