Hammic Scandal, 2

And the story continues! Ham-boy Alagna, not satisfied with being sacked by La Scala went there on Thursday to sing. Since he wasn’t welcome he went to the front of the opera house and did a little improvised concert to the marvelled by passers. Then he took a photo of the opera with his cell phone as a souvenir since he didn’t expect to be back very soon.

Yesterday he revealed that he suffers from low blood sugar and that was why he had to leave the stage.

“I was fine when I started, but this problem with my metabolism, if I am very emotional or stressed, my system consumes sugars very quickly. After that happened to me, the sugars went down dramatically. I couldn’t stay on my feet, I had to sit. I didn’t have the strength.”

I know I can be quite jumpy and childish when my blood sugar is down, so I am totally with him on this one. That and the stone hazard and the possible analogies with the murder of John Lennon he mentioned earlier.

Ham-boy is now faced with a lawsuit from Decca who were to film the production for a dvd and with an enormous hotel bill which La Scala refuses to pay.

I found a video of the booing. Apart from marvellously childish Ham-boy I think the entrance of the understudy Palombi is almost romantic. Look at Amneris’s face when he enters. That’s true love!

I also found a rather amusing and interesting article on Bonny & Clyde a.k.a. Gheorghiu & Alagna. The author calls booing at La Scala an occurrence as predictable in Milan as rain in Manchester.

Oh, Ham-boy.



December 16, 2006. Music, Opera.

One Comment

  1. Britt replied:

    Wonderful! Thanks for the video – wish, I could Italian. All together a great play whorthy of international prizes – or at least a bigger note in the history of opera, which I am sure, it will get.

    Alagna gets the honour of having the sole leading part so he must be intirely satisfied as well. I can’t wait to se the next part of the show!


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