Romance? Oh, Romance!

Very drunk guy: I know you.

Girl: Sure? I don’t remember you… Where do you know me from?

Very drunk guy: That course. We took that course together.

Girl: Which one? I really don’t remember you, sorry.

Very drunk guy: With Ragni.

Girl: Oh, yes you’re right. Ragni’s class, the one about the 19th century? Yes, now I think I remember you!

Very drunk guy: Exactly. And then the romantic stuff.

Girl: She did a course on romanticism? That sounds plausible. I didn’t take that course though.

Very drunk guy: No, no. The romance. We had a little romance you and I, I think. And that was so much more interesting.

Girl: *laughing* Now I am sure you are thinking about some one else. I can assure you the two of us never had a romance!

Party, Copenhagen

Overheard by



December 16, 2006. Overheard.

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