More fun with Rameau. Les Indes Galantes

I have earlier expressed how much I like the French composer Rameau. I am working my way through the Parisian opera houses’ wonderful dvd productions which all have a certain colourfulness to their scenographies and choreographies even though they are not by the same directors, scenographers or choreographers. My latest amusement is Les Indes galantes from 1735 in a staging from Opéra Garnier, 2003 conducted by William Christie.
I don’t want to elaborate too much, I will just let you see a marvellous snatch from the last part of the opera: Les Sauvages (The Savages) which takes place in North America. First the buffalos’ dance and then the native princess Zima (absolutely eatable Patricia Petibon) dancing and singing with her lover Adario (less eatable Nicolas Rivenq. He is after all clad in red leather with extralong fringes…).

I love this! I love the drummer, I love the mouths of the buffalos, I love the pipes, I love the movements and the expressions of the performers. This is so funny and at the same time so beautiful.

Here is an encore of the same piece now with the conductor dancing on stage!

I think it is beautiful and it makes me feel a certain tenderness for William Christie. Perhaps also because he resembles a friend of mine…or what my friend will look like in 30 years.

Such good vibes!


p.s. I know the quality could be better – sorry about that…

p.p.s Just saw Marie Antoinette the other day – how wonderfully filled with Rameau’s music! I’m definitely going rococo too – come on – join me. Pink silk shoes and light blue hair ribbons for every one. And cakes, lots of cakes! With icing!


December 20, 2006. Music, Opera, Reviews, YouTube.


  1. confidentialattachees replied:

    …Peace! *hands out peace-pibe*.

    *then goes rococo along with Anna and consumates lots of cakes with icing*

    I was going to write an extensive comment here, describing my feelings about the Rameau operas that Anna have introduced me, but as the comment grew more and more lengthy and decided to do a seperate post on the subject. You can read the result here.


  2. Daina replied:

    where can you get ahold of this dvd?

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