Elephants, Yeah!

A belated Merry Christmas to our readers! We regret the deathlike calm that has fallen over this blog lately – we’ve both been very busy associating with immediate family, consuming large amounts of food, and studying for exams. 

For me, it’s mostly been the exam-thing, actually. I’ve had it up to here (*holds hand under chin*) with the library’s reading halls and the stack of books on medieval poetry I’ve got stacked next to me every day, looming over me like a vicious prison watch tower, and still there’s a long way to go before I’m done. But I’d like to take this moment off to ask you all if any of you ever noticed the subliminal message in the last line “e di pensier'” from Rigoletto-aria “La Donna è mobile”?

Me neither, but that’s why we are so lucky that there are shrewd people like Joel Veitch out there. Because, as Joel Veitch (creator of the website www.rathergood.com) has discovered: the aria is not, as we’ve all been kidding ourselves, about fickle women. It’s about elephants!! Click the link and unveil the mystery, but be careful – the aria may never sound the same to you again.


He looks so innocent – but is he secretly subjecting us to elephantidae promotion? Joel Veitch thinks so.



December 28, 2006. Music, Opera.

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