Miranda Hobbes Was Salieri’s Spy!

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to share with you a discovery I have made: Cynthia Nixon a.k.a. Miranda on Sex and the City was the maid who served in Mozart’s household in Amadeus!!!

Cynthia Nixon as Mozart's maid

I never made the connection until I stumbled upon a site about Amadeus and saw her picture. Probably because there’s quite a long way from the woman who asked her boyfriend to estimate the time period within which he wished to snuggle so that she could plan her day, and got arrested because she celebrated the fact that she’d lost enough weight to fit into her skinny-jeans, to the anaemic young girl who was supposed to spy on Mozart, but mostly just whined a lot (as Anna replied when I texted her excitedly this morning about my discovery: “che vita maledetta é far la cameriera”*). Kudos to Nixon for an obviously wide range as an actress!

 Anyway, heh. What a fun discovery.


*this being Despina’s lament about a chambermaid’s harsh life in Cosí fan Tutte. Anna is the only person I know who would be able to think of such a reference. Anna is so awesome.


January 2, 2007. Films, Music, Opera.

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