Figaro – coming in a television near you

All good things come to those who wait – and I didn’t even have to wait as long as I had imagined! Here I was patiently (mmm yeah…) waiting for the M22 dvd of Le Nozze di Figaro from Salzburg which as the only one in the box set is not being sold separately until later this year.
No, I can’t afford that box, and no, no rich uncle from America gave it to me for Christmas.
But then came public television! Tonight the Danish national TV (DR2) broadcasted the production prime time! I know I have already spent my exclamation point quota twice in this post but when I first heard this it made me jump, so bear with me. This means that within a week DR2 sent two top quality operas – Monday La Traviata from Salzburg 2005 and now The Marriage of Figaro. Both with cutie pie Anna Netrebko. I hope that doesn’t mean they have spent their 2007 quota – of neither opera nor Netrebko.
My TV is not connected to an antenna since I refuse to pay for cable TV. But tonight I forced a signal out of that old black thing, and hey – the sound was good and the picture was….well ok. And I tell you it was interesting! Too tired right now, so there is a cliff hanger fer ya. Will review it later.
By way of compensation: heeeeere’s BO!




January 6, 2007. Music, Opera, Television.

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