Being on a Cloud

Yay! I have bought a new camera. Just like the old beloved one, but the digital version. Life is gooood. Like pie.
The camera moved into my home…and the cat moved into the camera’s home, so everyone is happy.

Rosina i Nikonkasse

Sorry for my long silence, but I am busy with this lady:

Kvinde i chemise, Ferrara

I took this photograph (with my old camera) last month in Ferrara, Italy. Our Woman in a Chemise was all over town, and it was very charming to see that the Ferraresi not only liked her but also appropriated her. That must be the ultimate success.

The last couple of days I have been arranging dummies in the Derain exhibition. Which means I have been moving around large pieces of paper the size of each painting in order to see exactly how the paintings should hang on the walls. So we have moved from our doll’s house (the model of the rooms with tiny reproductions of the paintings) to the real life galleries. Next stop – the real paintings! Life is good.


January 16, 2007. Art, Photos, Travels.

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