Back to normal. Snow is here

I have been quite worried about global warming lately. We’ve had blossoming cherry trees, spring flowers in the gardens and birds singing three months early compared to normal years. It’s been warm and rainy. But then came winter.
Last night when I biked home from my parents’ place I witnessed a strange and rare phenomenon. Earlier that day it had been raining and since the humidity was quite high the streets had stayed wet. When evening came the temperature dropped drastically and all the wet turned into ice. Streets and pavements, everything was like an ice rink. I biked slowly and enjoyed all the glistening. Fortunately I had my camera with me and was able to take some photos. It was hard catching it on the asphalt so here you see the beautiful ice flowers on a car.

Glazing on a car

Like all winter evenings some guys were playing ice hockey on my local ice rink. They seem to be quite good – but then I am impressed just by their ability to move fast and safe on the ice. This is what it looked like last night.

Ice hockey by night

When I woke this morning my bedroom had that clear light feeling to it that most northerners recognise. Only snow reflects light in that serene way. I had not been prepared for snow, but I went up, I shovelled it away from the pavement outside my house, and then I went for a walk to enjoy the whiteness. The ice rink looked like this in the morning.

Ice hockey by day

Here are a couple of snow pictures. The first one is but for the snow identical to one I took last spring. You can see that here.

Frederiksberg Have

Shadows on snow


If you would like to see more you can scroll up the sidebar on the right to the Flickr box. I put it there today, and I will from now on be posting pictures on a regular basis.



January 27, 2007. Photos, The course of the year.


  1. silke replied:

    Hi Anna,
    It’s so wonderful: Winter reached Germany, too, but unfortunately only for one single day!
    When I woke up on Saturday morning everything was covered in white. I walked to the city center and enjoyed the cold winter air, but by noon the snow had disappeared completely – and now we are back to warm, rainy and grey weather again! It really freaks me out!
    I listen to American radio programmes (mostly npr) on a regular basis and “Global Climate Change” seems to be a BIG TOPIC over there, at last! Even George W. Bush mentioned it in his State of the Nation speech, so I have a weak hope that the US will eventually ratify the Kyoto protocol or its successor, respectively!
    I’ve never been to Danemark by now, but your pics make me feel like travelling to the North of Europe very soon.
    Enjoy the snow – I am envious! silke

  2. confidentialattachees replied:

    Snow was brief here too. When I woke up on Sunday it was raining and the snow was quickly melting away. Too bad. But today we have the most beautiful clear weather. I guess talking about the weather has become a serious topic instead of something you talk about when there’s nothing else to converse about. Crossing my fingers for the U.S.. Without them our efforts seem pretty small and without consequence.

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