“Dear Dairy…” or Why I Love the Internet

I love the internet.

Sometimes I think I love it too much.

I spend a lot of time online, much of which I should have spent doing regular, useful things such as, say, studying. Or tidying up my room. Or figuring out how to get set the clock on my DVD-player. Things like that. However, more than often I come across some absolutely awesome findings that convince me that all that time I tend to waste surfing the internet is totally worth it after all!

One of these things is Amy’s Diary. It’s a creation by the inventor of the famous (and equally awesome) 30-second bunny reenactments, and it features animated and narrated enactments of one Amy Fordstadt’s third-grade diary from 1977-78. If you haven’t already seen this, I can definitely recommend it! It’s an incredible mixture of the infinite entertainment that is a young child’s mind, and the retrospective toe-curling amusement of an adult.

My favourite? The November 2 entry in list-form. Anna and I have been known to go “ECT! ECT! ECT!” at the end of a rant after we discovered this entry. Although the November 21st entry is also quite outstanding with its foreshadowing themes of ambition and failure and man/woman dynamics within a relationship.

Not to mention the December 17 which, with its seemingly meaningless juxtaposition of a person named Karen’s party and a lot of screaming babies, has a kind of Allen Ginsberg-beat-poetry air to it.

Check it out! Embrace the infinte source of love that is the internet.



February 6, 2007. Internet Findings.

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