André Derain in Copenhagen

Tonight the exhibition André Derain. An Outsider in French Art will open at Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen. I have been working on the exhibition for more than a year so it feels so good to finally throw open the doors.

These last days have been quite relaxed, at least on my part (not asked to say a word at the press conference makes you feel much more relaxed than those who are). Of course there have been things to do, like checking up on the signs and making sure the lighting was like we wanted it, but no stress and no late hours.

The inventor of the exhibition concept Madame Isabelle Monod-Fontaine, vice-director of the Centre Pompidou in Paris arrived a couple of days ago for the press conference. It was nice to finally meet her after having read her articles and hearing a lot about her. A very modest and likeable woman. She seemed content with our work so it was all pleasure meeting her.

We are ready…so have a guide and please come in!
André Derain. Guides



February 8, 2007. Art, Photos.

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  1. confidentialattachees replied:

    The best of luck to you on the opening night this evening, Anna! God, I wish I could go. I’ve been looking so much forward to this, and then I went and got myself sick with a sore throat and a vicious fever yesterday.

    I’m definitely better, but still feverish, and not well enough for the bicycle-ride, Champagne-sipping, and French art.

    I wish you all the best tonight, Anna, I know how much work you’ve put into this, and I’m sure it’s going to be a wonderful exhibition.


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