Future Banknote Design

Denmark is going to have new banknotes and the national bank arranged a competition among eight artists who were asked to do a draft. Last week the bank chose two proposals that will now be adapted to the specific security needs of the banknotes. When that is done they will choose which design should be the future banknotes of Denmark.
I am very happy about all this. I don’t like our present banknotes that look like monopoly money and I think we need an update. I must add that I am very surprised the national bank arranged this competition since I thought all pointed at a future with euro as our currency.
The two drafts have one thing in common – they include bridges, but besides from that they are very different.
Kasper Bonnén’s design is very contemporary both in colour, content and form.
Karin Birgitte Lund’s design is more classically beautiful and cool.
I like them both…but I think I would prefer Kasper Bonnén’s design. It’s so bold and typical of our day that it would be a strong statement. I think we need that after some years with the most boring and ugly banknotes imaginable.
But! Let’s have a vote! I have made a little poll and I ask you to cast your votes. Below you see the designs and a link for the poll. If you want to read more on the competition go here.

Kasper Bonnén
Kasper Bonnén.


Karin Birgitte Lund
Karin Birgitte Lund.

Go here to vote.



February 13, 2007. Art, Quizzes and polls.


  1. Britt replied:

    I honostly didn’t know anything about this and now they have allready picked out two designs. Interesting news as I also thought that next stop of the money would be the euro.

    By the way, doesn’t the typography resemble that of the euro or is it me who hasn’t been traveling lately?

    I guess, I’m the old fashioned kind of people because I definately like the last one the best. Bonnén’s makes me a little dissy with too much on each note. Makes me a little bit confused about which amount the note even though the ciffer’s clear enough.


  2. cleophas replied:


    honestly I think that the design of Mr bonnen is very ugly special the reverse of the banknote, it looks like a IKEA comercial.
    the front is also not that nice. I realy can not understand,why the governeur of dankmarks nationalbank took Mr.bonnens design?? if you look at the other design proposals ,special from peter holst henckel .this design is more than beautiful and if the danmarks nationalbank hat taken this design .danmark would have had the most beautiful banknotes in europe.
    but unfortunatly IKEA furnitures on danish banknotes was taken by the governeur of danmarks nationalbank.

    I can just hope that karin brigitte lund will be the winner in the end!!
    and not that furniture design of Mr.bonnen . that would make danmarks banknotes truly the most ugliest in europe.


  3. Saliem replied:

    How about these time money designs: http://www.timekingdom.com – funny isn’t it?

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