“Bach Is My Homeboy”

Words cannot express how badly I want this: 

 Bach is my homeboy-tee

Because Bach is so totally my homeboy! He’s da man. I’d wear it for Christina Bjørkøe piano recitals and such.

And if I ever have a baby, it will be wearing this:


or this:

Mozart is my Homeboy baby bodysuit

alternately with this:

Johnny Cash baby bodystocking 

(Or this. But only if it’s a boy, of course.)

So. Awesome.

Now all I need is to find a set of “La Povera Mia Cena Fu Interotta”-place mats, and I can die a happy woman. Seriously.


* Items courtesy of cafepress.com (search for “opera” and “johnny cash”), and the official Johnny Cash homepage.


March 1, 2007. Fandom, Internet Findings, Music, Opera.


  1. Britt replied:

    Ohh!!! Where did you find that body with Mozart?? And does the Walküre kom as Siegfried as well? It would be an absolute must have!


  2. confidentialattachees replied:

    I found the Mozart-body suit at cafepress.com. Here’s the direct link.

    I regret to say that I did not see a Siegfried-in-training body suit anywhere, but then I’m not sure I searched through all the opera-related pages. There were other cute suits for little boys, though: an “I’m a Cherubino!”- and an “I’m a Papageno”-body suit.

    (If the choice were between those two I would definitely choose the Cherubino-one myself. For some reason I’d be more proud to have mothered a future love-sick page-boy who’d fool around with the gardener’s daughter than a future intellectually challenged bird-man with a partiality for glockenspiels. But then that’s just me.)

    Anyway, you should definitely do the search for “opera” at cafépress – there are lots and lots of cute suits and t-shirts available there!


  3. confidentialattachees replied:

    I’d go for the page too. Bird-man just doesn’t have a nice ring to it.

  4. Britt replied:

    On the other hand – Cherobino is usually song by a woman. If my son is going to be a transvestite then he must go be so. But right now ít might bring som confusion around us.

    Thanks for the link – I will use it right now!


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