Peaceful Stones

The Youth House is down and I feel very sad about the whole business. A site filled with history and identity is no more.



Yet, today brought some hope and reconciliation. Just a small glimmer, but nice after violence, madness, fires and discussions without nuance.
The police started handing out pieces of the broken house. Pieces of bricks as memories of the place. What amazed me was the nice thought and that they actually handed out quite big pieces and whole bricks. A few days ago objects this size and weight were tossed at the same officers who were now handing them out to the demonstrators. A beautiful gesture full of trust…and they gave them plastic bags to carry the bricks in!

Handing out stones

And yesterday I saw a woman on tv, Hanne Gaard Grønlund, who had crocheted cobblestones in wool for the protesters. She was now starting to crochet batons for the police.
You can see her on the show Den 11. time here (Click “Se programmet” and choose 6th of March, about two thirds into the programme).
Here is the pattern for the cobblestones.
And here is another one of her objects:


Maybe the world will be all right.



March 8, 2007. Photos, Television.

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  1. She has a blog! « The Confidential Attachées replied:

    […] has a blog! I don’t know how it missed my attention when I wrote this post…but Hanne Gaard Grønlund has a weblog. Here. I only realised because she linked to us […]

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