“Sur mon front je sens tes caresses” – Rolando Villazon as Werther

It’s back! Praise the Lord! I found the following clip on youtube about six months ago, but then it was removed, and I have missed it terribly. But now it’s back! Take a look, everybody!

Absolutely sublime, isn’t it? Villazon is the best Werther I have ever seen or heard, and the clip has the ability to move me to tears every time I watch it. I love the way he starts off so tenderly, almost introspectively, and then builds up frustration and sorrow in both his acting and his vocals until the climax in each verse. His delivery of  the desperate outcry “Helas!” in the second stanza is nothing short of brilliant. He seems almost violent in this instance, one can understand if Charlotte feels his presence as something menacing (as I believe she does), and to me it’s crucial that a portrayer of Werther manages to capture this side of the character, too, and not just his sensitive side. This is the man, after all, who is destructive enough to press a gun to his temple and kill himself. And at Christmas, at that!

I am, however, not here just to praise Villazon’s performance. I’m here to make a plea. You see, the last time the clip was removed from youtube, it said on the page that it was due to violations of rights. And I understand that. I really do. There is such a thing as copyright, and I fully respect that. But then would whoever produced the filming of this staging please arrange for the production to be released on DVD so that I may purchase it and watch it numerous times and cathartically sob my little eyes out? Please? I want so badly to see this Werther in its entirety. And I would tell all my friends to buy it, too. And I would review it here on this blog. And it would be a good review.




March 9, 2007. Opera, YouTube.

One Comment

  1. confidentialattachees replied:

    It would be the best of reviews! And that even though the staging looks quite dull. What a wonder it would be to have Rolando in Guy Joosten’s staging here in Copenhagen. I loved that.
    But I have been longing for this clip since it was removed, just as Marie, so I’m happy it’s back. Please, please give us the dvd!

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