Of Mice and Sheep

As earlier mentioned my parents bought an old vicarage in Southern Sweden from whence I have returned after having spent some days of my Easter vacation painting the kitchen, eating Swedish meatballs and trying not to laugh too hard at the local dialect (since they were very nice people). The kitchen was very 70s in all its orange-brownness but is after our intervention very light and bright and nice.
The vicarage belonged to my father’s aunt and uncle. Auntie lies buried in the cemetery just up the hill and uncle lives in Gothenburg and wanted to sell this much too big summer house. None of them were ever vicars but Sweden seems to have too many churches and vicarages to fill them all with vicars, so they were able to buy this house 18 years ago. And now my parents have it.

Vicarage, Andrarum

It’s a wonderful and very large house still filled with aunt and uncle’s stuff. And with dead mice (fortunately dead…). Some of them long, long gone like this one my dad found in a cupboard when cleaning the kitchen:

Maggots seem to like everything but bone and excrement… at least that was all they left.

But still – a beautiful place, not least because of the amazing scenery just outside the window. The vicarage is situated in the Eastern part of the province Skåne (Scania) where the landscape is quite rugged and hilly with a mix of forest and pasture and known for its apple groves. It is not very populated and the village of Andrarum where we are consists in something like five houses plus the church. Just down the road is the beautiful manor house Christinehof.

Church, Andrarum
This is the church seen from our backyard.

Every day a flock of sheep came jumping round the hill to graze in front of the house. Very Easter-like with a lot of lambs. They made quite some noise and we had a lot of fun screaming “maaah” back at them while painting. Simple pleasures in the countryside that comes from not having internet access 😉




April 9, 2007. Photos, The course of the year, Travels.


  1. silke replied:

    ooo, my heart hurts with “Fernweh” while i am watching these pics. such a beautiful landscape – oooo!
    the scelleton of a mouse in a kitchen cupboard is a bit too “romantic”, though.
    — and i love sheep, …my second name is the german equivalent of shepherd, you know? so i just have to love sheep – it’s an “obligation by birth”! they look so fluffy! 😉
    i’ve read an article about the life of shepherds in germany (and perhaps the rest of europe as well) a few days ago, and it said, that shepherds are in real trouble because of a new EU law – their work has been not self-supporting for a long time, almost all shepherds depend on eu subsidies – but now, they have to count and mark all their sheep, which is such an immense bureaucratical effort, that their work is not profitable at all. so a lot of flocks of sheep will disappear very soon.
    that would be really painful, wouldn’t it?
    — are there only freaks in brussels?
    best wishes from sunny germany!
    silke 🙂

  2. confidentialattachees replied:

    “Fernweh” – great word!
    The sheep were fantastic and I’m looking forward to get to know them better as I will be going there more often now. Too bad about the extra EU-imposed work for the shepherds. Maybe we should invite some bureaucrats to the vicarage;-)
    Cheers from sunny Copenhagen!

  3. silke replied:

    Hi Anna,
    Fernweh is a very special word, you can’t really translate it into English. Itchy feet is just not the same, is it?
    In today’s issue of the best German weekly newspaper “Die Zeit” there is a dossier about Denmark. I haven’t got the opportunity to read it, by now – but it seems to be a very intersting article.
    You are going to Munich!? That’s so great – Munich is an awesome city – I am sure you will like it. Bamberg is not far from there! 😉
    Greatings from sunny Heidelberg!
    silke 🙂

  4. confidentialattachees replied:

    Well, actually it’s me, Marie, who’s going to Munich, not Anna. But I’m sure Anna, the Queen of Fernweh, will stop by at some point during my stay! 🙂

    And you better believe I’m going to visit Bamberg after seeing those beautiful pictures you posted on your blog!


  5. confidentialattachees replied:

    Let’s all go to Bamberg!!

  6. silke replied:

    o, I am sorry, I have mixed you two ladies up! Well, I am sure, you both will like Munich AND Bamberg! Perhaps we could even meet, I often spend some days in Munich (we often execute our projects there and quite a few of my friends live there.) That’d be great!
    silke 🙂
    PS: I’ll post a link to that article about Denmark as soon as they put it online.

  7. confidentialattachees replied:

    We should definitely have coffee! And I would like very much to see that article – will be interesting to read about how our big brother sees us.

  8. confidentialattachees replied:

    Yes, I would love to see you, too, Silke! That would be awesome! We could exchange new overheard conversations and all kinds of things! 🙂

    Do let’s arrange that, as soon as I’m settled in Munich, and Anna is ready to come visit.


  9. silke replied:

    Jipieh, let’s meet in Munich and have a “Moaß”.
    That’s so great!
    silke 🙂

  10. silke replied:

    And here it is, the German newspaper-article about job wonderland Denmark, where the world champions of happiness live:
    Cheers! silke 🙂

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