I have her, and will hold her

I have resisted since November. And I really did try and I thought I had succeeded. But then…how often is it Cecilia Bartoli comes to Copenhagen? Like – ever? And somehow the sneaky bastards of the Tivoli Concert Hall held back the cheap tickets until the expensive ones were sold. Hate that trick.
Well, the (reasonably) cheap ticket is now mine!! MWUAHAHAHAHA!
See you there Ceciliona!

Cecilia Bartoli Guido Harari
by Guido Harari



April 12, 2007. Fandom, Music, Opera.


  1. Rughino replied:


    At Rome we saw her together and had the great joy of hearing Ceciliona exclaim to us “Butta, butta!!” (do you remember?)… Than we made also the photo, that permit me to enter (as close friend of Miss Bartoli… fare il portoghese) in the most exclusive event of the roman’s autumn two years ago: the presentation of the album OPERA PROIBITA at the old temple of Antonino e Faustina, in frontage on the forum, offered by the Alda Fendi’s foundaton… At February 2006 we joined at Lisbon to see her performance at the beautiful Gulbenkian Foundation… Cecilia is like a godmother of our friendship… and even if I make so many mistakes writing in English, I hope you get double pleasure (for you and for me) from the spectacle!



  2. confidentialattachees replied:

    😀 Yes I remember very well “Butta, butta!!”. What a concert!
    I will try my best to gain double pleasure or perhaps even Endless Pleasure (though the program will be form Opera Proibita and not Händel) out of the concert 😉
    Bacissimi anche a te!

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