Hammerhead sighting on Family Guy!

You know what we’ve been saying about hammerhead people? About how they are people whose eyes are really far apart? And you know how you’ve read our posts on the subject and thought to yourself ‘Oh, those crazy attachées. They do have some bizarre ideas and they really ought to get out more.’ (don’t try to deny it. You know you’ve had that thought.) Well, it looks like Seth MacFarland is with us! He understands! So there! Ha!

Genius! Uma Thurman is totally a hammerhead person. And there should totally be such a thing as an eye wrangler.

In fact, maybe that is what Ruggerone is really crying out for in this picture?

In any case, this is further proof that Seth MacFarlane needs to marry me ASAP. Marry me, Seth.




April 15, 2007. Hammersharks, Television, YouTube.

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