Last week I joined in a debate at our very dear reader Silke’s blog, about exported German words, and I mentioned the word “doppelgänger” which is used in the English language, as an example of such a word.

Incidentally, I came across the picture of a woman yesterday who appears to be exactly that, my doppelgänger! And to makes things even stranger, she’s German. At least I think she is – her picture is found among the pictures from last month’s Bohéme party at Berlin nightclub Oxymoron, which my friend Natascha attended.

Marie look-a-like

Now, I’m trying to remain calm about this, but to be honest I find it to be more than a little freaky. This brown-haired, decadently smoking young woman is practically a dead ringer for me! Here she is again, seen from a different angle, but not looking any less like me:

Marie look-a-like I even had that haircut once. And I’ve got a hat that’s very much like the one she’s wearing, as seen here (as to why I’m pushing a litter bin underneath a 19th-century-style frieze… we’ll get back to that some other time. Long story).

 Anyway, since I believe very firmly in the power of the internet, I’d like hereby to put a request out there: Who is this woman who looks so much like me? Are you her? If you are, leave a comment! 😀 I’d love to say hi and find out if you share my crush on Joaquin Phoenix, my love of opera, and my complete and utter lack of skills when it comes to anything practical. Or maybe just to exchange solemn oaths with you never to let each other get dragged into court for each other’s misdemeanours or to take over each other’s personal lives, soap-opera style.

🙂 (:



April 18, 2007. Internet Findings, Photos.

One Comment

  1. confidentialattachees replied:

    Marie. This. Is. Freaky.
    I’m so glad you’re not a smoker.

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