Now, Drink Your Chocolate!

Last week I passed a couple of days in Berlin with my sister. The afternoon before our evening flight home we met this lady:


In that bowl she had some steaming hot chocolate and she asked us to come with her. And as all the children of Hamelin followed the Pied Piper we followed her.

She led us to Fassbender & Rausch, the most wonderful chocolate house. They have a Pralinentheke (OMG!)where I bought a marzipan potato and some delicious truffles.
But the lady kept calling and she guided us to an elevator which took us one flight up to the Schokoladencafé. She seated us and served a cup of the most wonderful hot chocolate I have ever tasted together with this red currant dream:


Here you see me paying homage to the cake while I leave the chocolate for a short moment:

Eating cake

Not only we had been led there. All sorts of people were there, including children served by child waiters who looked to content their every chocolate desire:

Child waiter

I think perhaps this could be a slightly grown Stewie who teaches a child colleague how to drink.

Fassbender & Rausch have my warmest recommendations. Do not neglect it the next time you visit Berlin. And you know what? They had other cakes than the pink one. Which means I will have to go there again!

More cakes



April 23, 2007. Art, Photos, Travels.


  1. confidentialattachees replied:

    And now I’m hungry for chocolate. Thanks a lot, Anna.

    How delicious everything looks! And, to continue your juxtaposition of art and chocolate, in that photo of you your face looks strikingly like the face of Vermeer’s “Maidservant Pouring Milk”!

    Same sweet expression of concentrated dedication. Lovely!


  2. confidentialattachees replied:

    “Dedication” is the right word!

  3. Britt replied:

    Oh no! Stupidly I followed your link and now I’m craving for chokolate and more of it and then some… I absolutely want to go visit that place NOW! How is it possible, that I have been to Berlin so many times and never been there??

  4. Rughino replied:

    You see as to speak about chocolate it triggers the reactions?

    I sign under Marie and Britt!


  5. silke replied:

    Oooooo goooooodness, HELP!!!!! How comes that I run past their doors and never went in? Next time I visit Berlin I won’t do the same mistake again!!! I swear! Luckily enough I am going to stay 4 days in Berlin the weekend after the next! 🙂 Jipieh!
    silke 🙂
    PS: I adore the first picture, it’s Jugendstil, isn’t it? Where did you find it?

  6. confidentialattachees replied:

    Good for you, Silke, going to Berlin!
    And actually the Jugend lady is in Berlin too (as are the children). You can find her in the Alte Nationalgalerie on Museumsinsel. Unfortunately I did not note down the artist, but I’m almost certain he was German. If you find out don’t hesitate to tell me.

  7. rod replied:

    What are painted these painting?

  8. rod replied:

    Sorry, what artist painted these painting.

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