Bette in Red

A friend sent me this wonderful picture. I have not much to add, but I’ll post it to celebrate a wonderful spring Wednesday and it’s the Liberation Day of Italy (1945) and the day of The Carnation Revolution in Portugal (1974) – as the same friend reminded me in a letter I received today (grazie!).
I think Bette Davis looks victorious and liberated (or ready to liberate herself if necessary) in this picture. Besides: someone covered her eye with a carnation.

Bette Davis



April 25, 2007. Photos, The course of the year.


  1. confidentialattachees replied:

    Hee! What a picture!

    Now that you mention it, I remember an old Portuguese friend of mine, Carla, telling me about it. Yay for bloodless revolutions! And if you’re reading this, happy Carnation Revolution Day, Carlish, you dear old pengie ;).


  2. Rughino replied:

    Dear Girls,

    thanks for having inserted the photo of the beloved Bette Davis, unforgettable in “All about Eve” and “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane” and less famous in this “The Anniversary” (1968) – when she made, naturally, the part of the bad one… and you know that the bad ones are always the ones I like more!!

    The revolution of the 25th April 1974 has freed Portugal of a long dictatorship (40 years)… Salazar is successful to maintain itself in the power, first thanks to the supporting of the catholic Church (he was knew, in fact, as our small “Hitler of the presbytery”…); on a second moment he acquired popularity by saving Portugal from the second world war; and finally, when he hadn’t no more the intelligence to avoid a war in Africa in order to maintain his colonialist power, thanks to a repression’s politic (censorship, political police, etc) that exasperated the new generations.

    Tired of war, the soldiers who made the revolution in a beautiful morning of April, putted red carnations in their guns.

    There is a beautiful film on the argument, by a great portoguese actress/director of certain international recognition (Maria de Medeiros), having as protagonist the italian actor Stefano Accorsi: April Captains (2001).


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