Cecilia Bartoli in Copenhagen

Monday Cecilia Bartoli visited Copenhagen and left a trail of happiness behind her.
She sang arias from her latest cd Opera Proibita which is a collection of beautifully silent pieces and brilliantly breathless virtuosity.
I have now witnessed three concerts with Cecilia Bartoli and I feel entitled to some conclusions about her performances. The thing about a Cecilia Bartoli concert is that it leaves you utterly exhilarated. Her joy in making music is so apparent that you are left with no choice but to follow her. Which means that being in a concert hall with her is a most wonderful experience. I recommend it to all!
This evening (as also the two other evenings I have spent with her) she delivered the pieces with energy and a complete control over her voice. It is like listening to the cd and then add her fantastic presence. That’s really all there is to say. Go here and listen to Disseratevi, o porte d’Averno. Then you will get a glimpse of what I’m talking about. We even got it twice!
The orchestra La Scintilla was brilliant too (heee – got it?) and worked very well both with and without La Bartoli.
Many thanks to Cecilia for sharing her passion so violently with the rest of us. Life-affirming!

Cecilia Bartoli



May 9, 2007. Music, Opera, Reviews.


  1. witch replied:

    great pic. I was in Nuremberg in the Opera Proibita concert and it was like that in Copenhagen.

    It’s great to hear Cecilia Bartoli live.

  2. Rughino replied:

    Dear Attachées,
    Dear Anna!

    Bartoli! Bartoli! Bartoli!

    I understand perfectly and I share with you that “trail of happiness” you were writing about… Do you remember in Rome our experience at Nuovo Auditorium – Parco della Musica?

    It was not only her joy during the concert but also her personal sympathy after, when she receive her fans… “Putjoppo”, I new, this time she escaped as a little fox immediately after the concert! Shame on you Ceciliona!

    I hope she will return many times in Danmark, proving she has that “dolce simpatia” we know.


  3. confidentialattachees replied:

    There was more than plenty dolce simpatia among the audience! Rarely have I seen or heard a Danish audience be so exhilarated. We were laughing, shouting and applauding like mad.
    I sure hope she will return!

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