Cindy Sherman, Österlen, Birthday. A Flickr Update

I have been busy! Hence my long silence on this blog. But as recent additions to our flickr account show the last week has been full of good stuff.

Wednesday night Marie and I tempted the deluge and drove to the museum of modern art, Louisiana, North of Copenhagen to see works by the Queen of Staged Photos, Cindy Sherman. And what a great time we had! The exhibition was very large and included photos and videos from all of Sherman’s carrier. Most of them with a humorous edge, some of them disgusting and some of them combining those two strains. Besides from her recent clown portraits (sju jætter?) I think this exhibition showed what an extremely skilled artist Cindy Sherman is. Not only are her photographs technically amazing they also capture the spirit of an age and of the person (herself in disguise) she portrays. Marie and I stopped by every piece and talked and talked about them. Nothing was of little importance or dull. I think she is fantastic.

Cindy Sherman

As a curator to be I think the exhibition was very serene and nice and with a good selection of works. Some of the wall colours were odd but when it comes to hanging I think they did a good job. Look at this wall for example where Sherman’s Old Master photos have been arranged in a traditional hanging a’la Parisian Salon. Just the right thing to do if you ask me.

Old Masters, Sherman
I am completely taken by these. Sort of an acting out of a make-a-match memory game for art historians.

On Thursday I went with my family to Sweden to do some more painting in the vicarage my parents bought. We spent a whole four days there working hard. Here are some pictures.

Dining room

This is the dining room with me and my sister painting with grey (and me trying to make a straight line). Ever since entering a grey room in some friends’ house I have wished for some room of my own in grey. I think it is enchanting and with old furniture it just makes perfect sense.

After the dining room we painted the neighbouring living room. Yellow. A very difficult colour but beautiful together with grey and with the big white porcelain stove in the corner it looks great. Here again my sister and I painting.

Living room

Of course we weren’t alone – far from it. My brother, dad, uncle and brother-in-law made a great effort too as did my aunt and mom. This is my brother with his protective glasses. The staining annoyed him a good deal and when this wonderful pair turned up he just has to use them.


When not painting we went on trips in the wonderful area, Österlen which is the Easternmost part of Scania (Skåne to the locals). They live on apples in this part of the country so at this time of year Österlen is one big blooming apple garden.

Apple blossom

Actually scenes from the Cherry Valley (apples…cherries…) in the adaptation of Astrid Lindgren’s The Brothers Lionheart were shot here and when driving through the scenery it is breathtaking.

The apples are used for cider and apple juice…and cakes.

Apple cake

Besides from apple trees there are fields, woods and steep hills. And a waterfall just five minutes from where we are.


We left Sweden on Sunday and on Monday it was my birthday. And look at all the great stuff I got from my wonderful family:


I have to admit I am ridiculously fond of presents and this year was perfect. I got what I wished for and I got what I had wished for but had forgotten again. Besides I had some more cake and a wonderful dinner with same wonderful family which just made the day perfect.

What a week!



May 22, 2007. Art, Photos, Reviews, Staged photos, The course of the year, Travels.


  1. silke replied:

    Happy Birthday, Anna! I wish you all the best!
    silke 🙂

  2. Rughino replied:

    I like very much your “weekly report” and it makes me remember a lot of things:

    – the wall with all classic paintings make me remember Aby Warburg and our dear Claudia Cieri Via classes at La Sapienza…

    – a grey dining room… its just magnificent! That is a color we, mediterraneans, don’t use very often, but is a great idea! (I can imagine at the end how beautiful it will be!)

    – Mads… with that pair of glasses! I remember a photo you send me with him in your new glasses, months ago… How nice he is here… the sunglasses remember me so much that ones the great portoghese singer Amália use to use… I will send you a photo, maybe you can publish it in “Confidential” to make the comparison…

    – Your white jacket (“Pie!” photo)… it’s a new one?

    – I like very much your new teapot and I hope I can soon drink some tea with you… in Denmark!


  3. confidentialattachees replied:

    LOVE the sandals! Shiny and red! I covet them!
    And thank you for a very inspiring trip to Louisiana last week. It was indeed a great exhibtion. Sherman is one of those artist that make you feel like you’re still attending an exhibit of hers, even after you go out into the outside world; the framing of her photography is that haunting. The day after our trip, I kept seeing people around me as characters from her staged photos and wondering what she’d make of them. And that really bears witness of her relevance as an artist, I think. You are right, there is never a dull moment with Sherman.
    (Except for the clowns. The clown-portraying needs to stop. It is taking the masking motif too far.)

  4. confidentialattachees replied:

    Marie: I love the sandals too!
    Silke: Thank you!
    Rughino: You should definitely come and have tea with me. Much too long since the last time. And Claudia Cieri Via? Well – you were always much fonder of her than I 😉 But her classes sure were something like an advanced memory card game.


  5. ChildrenFurnitureFour replied:


    Great post. Thank you for sharing. Have a great and reflective day.

  6. гей знакомства bluesystem replied:

    мне кажется: восхитительно!

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